Mental Health Awareness Help

Mental Health Awareness Help

Mental Health Awareness Help -In today’s busy world, no matter what age you are, many people suffer the effects of a mental health issue.

Thankfully, mental health is becoming more prevalent in the media and many people in the public eye have stepped forward to explain their own mental health problems.mental health

However, many people feel isolated and unsure of how they can gain help or deal with their issues.

Many clients I see state they find it difficult to explain to others how they are feeling and that it is not a conscious decision to feel that way.

Mental health issues are more common than you think:

Approximately 1 in 4 people will experience mental health problems each year in the UK. [1]

In England, a common mental health problem such as anxiety or depression will be experienced by 1 in 6 people in any given week. [2]

The latest report published in 2016 included the following : [2]

Anxiety and depression mixed                              7.8 in 100 people

Generalised anxiety disorder                                5.9 in 100 people

Post traumatic stress disorder                              4.4 in 100 people

Depression                                                           3.3 in 100 people

Phobias                                                                2.4 in 100 people

OCD                                                                     1.3 in 100 people

Panic disorder                                                      0.6 in 100 people


Common Symptoms Of Mental Health Issues

Mental :

  • Inability to focus on a task
  • Impulsive behaviour
  • Excessive activity
  • Repeated attacks of intense fear
  • Sense of impending doom
  • Over analysing
  • Overactive mind
  • Paranoia
  • Tearful
  • Irritable
  • Lack of confidence


  • Tiredness
  • Changes in appetite
  • Sleep problems
  • Increase in heart rate
  • Digestive problems
  • Tense muscles
  • Sweating
  • Shaking


How can Hypnotherapy help?

Many symptoms are supported by the beliefs of the subconscious mind. By accessing the beliefs with hypnosis, the beliefs can be altered and symptoms can change.

Consciously we can try and change our way of thinking, but unless we believe it subconsciously it can be hard to change and can be mentally exhausting.mental health awareness

Hypnotherapy can additionally help you use your mind in a proactive way rather than reactive.What you learn can be continued on through life. A mental health issue does not have to be permanent.

It can be something that has been learnt, evolved from a past experience or change in life.

Normally the subconscious mind has tried to cope with the above and reacted with its’ primal task to protect you. The resultant behaviours and beliefs created then cause the symptoms.

Wouldn’t it be great to create a belief system that fits you positively in a way that meets your needs?


AbsoluteU Clinical Hypnotherapy

The practice provides a safe and secure environment to discuss your needs and wants. With use of Hypnotherapy, CBT and NLP, a treatment plan can be created for you.

Cognitive techniques are also provided personally to you so you can have coping techniques to use consciously in your daily life additional to the Hypnosis used for your subconscious mind.

I always offer a free initial telephone consultation so you can ask any questions and I can explain how the therapy works.

Contact AbsoluteU now on 07909992635 / 01403 267276

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Battle with depression – Fearne Cotton

Battle with depression – Fearne Cotton

battle with depressionIn a heart whelming interview with Lorraine on ITV, Fearne Cotton opened up about her battle with depression over the years.

Fearne reveals that it is OK and productive to talk about your problems with anxiety and depression and that when you do, you realise that you are not alone, that in fact it is commonplace.

Additionally, she explains that even with all the good things going on in her life it did not stop the anxiety and depression.

She has written a book called ‘Happy’ which gives information and tips on what she learnt from her period of feeling unhappy.

One thing she has learnt is to look at what is easily accessible to you that makes you feel good i.e. children, painting, reading, walking etc. and then doing those things rather than reaching for things that seem inaccessible.

For more information on tips to help with anxiety, please click on the following link

Tips On Managing Anxiety




Empower Your New Year Resolutions Now

Thinking of making any New Years’ Resolutions?new year resolutions

Then how about starting the process now and you’re half way there already !!

New Year Resolutions, New You

If you’re wanting a change whether it be:

Why not take the first step now so your resolutions feel even more real and determined.

AbsoluteU Clinical Hypnotherapy offer a FREE telephone consultation where you can discuss how you can achieve the changes you desire and ask any questions you may have.

Empower your decision to change NOW so your dreams can become your realities.

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Mental Health – facts and tips

Mental Health – Facts and tips

You’ll be surprised to find out how common mental health conditions are within the community.

The following video gives you an insight into the reality of mental health and some free tips on how you can consciously start to take control.

For more information on how you can subconsciously feel better and use your mind in a completely new way, please click on the following link:




Seasonal Affective Disorder – Are you feeling sad?

Seasonal Affective Disorder – Are you feeling sad?

Are you feeling Sad?

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Now the evenings are drawing in and the hours of light becoming less, many people start to feel the symptoms of SAD, otherwise known as winter depression.

Symptoms of SAD

  • a persistent low mood
  • feelings of anxiety, irritability, despair
  • tiredness
  • lack of energy
  • sleeping longer than normal and finding it hard to get up in the morning
  • eating more carbohydrates
  • weight gain

Why does SAD occur?

It is often linked to the reduced exposure to sunlight and the main theory is that the part of the brain called the hypothalamus can be affected.hypothalamus

When this happens, the following may be affected:-

  • serotonin production – a lack of sunlight may lead to lower serotonin levels which may affect your appetite, mood and sleep
  • melatonin production – melatonin is a hormone that makes you feel sleepy, so the body may be producing higher levels than normal
  • body clock – the body is used to using sunlight for sleeping i.e. going to bed and waking up, so the winter months can disrupt this process

Lifestyle changes over winter

Because of the reduction in sunlight hours, SAD can occur with the lifestyle changes that may happen.

For example:-

  • you may feel less inclined to get out and/or exercise
  • you may feel the need to eat more
  • a sense of hibernation
  • stress levels can become heightened because of the above, leading to feelings of anxiety and low mood

Help for SAD

There are several treatment options for SAD including talking therapies, medication and light therapy. A complementary therapy many find useful in the treatment of this form of depression is hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy can have a positive affect on how you manage these feelings and changes throughout the seasonal months. Instead of reverting to previous feelings and patterns of thought, hypnosis encourages the creation of more beneficial reactions and responses which in turn can give a brighter outlook  and feeling for life.

It is important to seek medical advice from your GP if you feel you are suffering depression from SAD.

For more information on how Hypnotherapy can help you please call 07909 992635 / 01403 267276 or click on the following link





Pregnancy Anxiety

Pregnancy Anxiety

pregnancy anxietyPregnancy Anxiety develops easily when there is a fear of the unknown and also when there is a fear of a previous experience repeating itself. So you can see how quickly pregnancy anxiety can manifest when you are pregnant whether it’s your first baby or fourth!

You may sense a feeling of in balance, looking forward to holding your new born child yet fearing the numerous scenarios that float through your mind.

Bear in mind that in our society everyone has a story to tell with childbirth – the scarier the better!! But this is where you can pause to think and remember the following:

Pregnancy Anxiety

From the moment you conceive your body and mind are making changes. Your body is preparing and developing to nurture the growth of your baby and your mind is adapting to the wonder of the child you are carrying, so many changes to how you were pre-conception both physically and mentally.

pregnancy anxietyWhen you think about all the changes that are happening from the change in hormone levels to the development of your body physically it’s no wonder that you can begin to feel anxious. But when you accept that the body knows exactly what it is doing then you can induce feelings of calm.

And this is the great thing – the great understanding – your body knows exactly what to do!!


Anxiety in Childbirth

The most common perception of Childbirth is Pain.

But Why is it?

  • Childbirth stories from others
  • Media
  • What we have always perceived to be true – learnt expectation

Now think about this – if your body knows exactly what to do why would we try and stop it from performing it’s natural process? Surely if you are anxious you will initiate symptoms both physically and mentally.

  • Muscle tension
  • Increase of heart rate
  • Shortness of breath
  • Panic

If you were to feel calmer surely your body would be able to perform better being less impeded.


The “What If” Pregnancy Anxiety Scenario

We all have imaginations, we all day dream, but what happens when we create a scenario in our minds that is worrying – well we become anxious of course.

It’s easy to create those negative scenarios throughout pregnancy:

  • What if I don’t get to the hospital quick enough?
  • What if my partner or family isn’t with me?
  • What if I panic?
  • What if I can’t cope with the baby?

These are just a few examples, the list is endless and can have far worse scenarios imagined.

So how about you used that wonderful mind of yours to create the outcome you actually want to happen, then how would you feel? CALM, IN CONTROL!!


How can I reduce Anxiety in pregnancy?

Having a calm mind will calm your body and your baby.

Every moment of the day your mind and body operates on a subconscious level. For example,  you breathe – imagine if you had to think about breathing to make it happen. Now your muscles also adapt and work to achieve your intention , for example, walking up the stairs or jumping over a stream. You don’t have to think about your muscles to make them work either!!

So because your body knows exactly how to give birth so will the muscles within. The muscles used to give birth are not used often, so just as any exercise you may do that may be new can give cause to aching and becoming tired, so will the muscles through the birthing process. When your mind comes to understand and accept this process, then calmness can be induced.

Understanding on a conscious basis will relieve some anxiety, however, understanding on a subconscious level can have a profound affect.



hypnobirthing in horsham and west sussex

hypnobirthing in horsham and west sussex

Hypnobirthing is a method that uses Hypnotherapy to relate with the subconscious mind to understand the birthing process and to generate feelings of calm and control. The Hypnobirthing Course at AbsoluteU Clinical Hypnotherapy is structured over five sessions on a one-to-one basis to assess and evaluate your personal feelings regarding your pregnancy and forthcoming birth.

The Hypnobirthing Course provides you with:

  •  Personal conscious techniques to deal with feelings of anxiety and fear
  •  Personal self-hypnosis techniques
  •  Personal Hypnotherapy at each session – pregnancy, childbirth, post pregnancy
  •  Partner contribution techniques
  • Personal audios available

To find out more about the Hypnobirthing Course please click the link below

                   AbsoluteU Hypnobirthing Course


Fear of flying

Fear of flying

fear of flying

Fear of flying otherwise known as aerophobia is more prevalent than you think within the population. It is one of the most common phobias and it is estimated that 1 in 10 people suffer from some form of flight anxiety.

Even though flying is proven to be one of the safest ways to travel, so many people still suffer from a fear of flying.

2016 was the second safest year in aviation history as publicised by Oliver Smith of the Telegraph

Why do I have a fear of flying?

The subconscious mind is very good at protecting ourselves in the knowledge or even thought of any possible danger.fear of flying When the body is preparing to face or run from danger (fight or flight [1]), chemicals are released in preparation. These chemicals can cause feelings of anxiety and physical changes may also occur.

The fear of flying can stem from many situations or even imagined thought. The fear could have been learnt from a relative or friend. For example, if you saw a parent become distressed on a flight you may have assumed from a young age that it was a natural response and something to be feared (learnt response [2].)

You may of also had a previous flight experience which became unnerving or frightening such as turbulence, bad weather or a bumpy landing.

Additionally, with the world and its’ media, news of disaster is readily broadcasted i.e. terrorism, aircraft malfunctions and near misses. The regular everyday, normal flights are not publicised …. that would be too boring!!!

Creation of thoughts

Pause to think …. If you were standing in a room with 100 other people and 99 gave you a compliment and 1 was uncomplimentary …. what would you focus on?. We have the propensity to focus on a single negative rather than the mass of positive even though the latter would be highly beneficial to ourselves.

Along the same line, we can create negative thoughts within our mind, for example, What if the plane crashes?, and with that thought a story commences within our mind. By watching the story we are then releasing chemicals within the body that are in accordance with the fight or flight mode. If we were to see the flight being fantastic, you can imagine how the mind and body would feel in comparison, it would be calm, composed and even excited!

Fear of flying can also come from other fears such as a fear of heights, claustrophobia or agoraphobia.

How a fear of flying can affect you

The spectrum of anxiety experienced from a fear of flying is very wide. Some people may suffer mild anxiety before flying and some people will have feelings that lead to a state of terror.

anxiety of flyingJust booking a holiday can on-start anxiety that leads and increases all the way to the departure date and flight. For some people this may mean that they will avoid or forgo a holiday or even a job/career that involves flying.

Even those that manage to board their flight, hold the anxiety and can be overcome by fear throughout. This fear can then also be recognised and learnt by others that are with them, yet another illustration of learnt behaviour [2]. In this case the subject  has learnt from someone else’s experience that an anxiety state is to be expected.

Fear of flying physical symptoms

To the happy flyer who suffers no anxiety, it may be hard to understand what it feels like for someone who does suffer. Common symptoms are:

. Breathlessness

. Increased heartbeat

. Nausea

. Feeling faint

. Sweating

. Hot flushes

. Dry mouth

. Blurred vision

Hypnotherapy for Fear of flying

Hypnotherapy can have a profound effect upon our subconscious beliefs which in turn are responsible for our responses.

Hypnotherapy allows you to rest in a comfortable state of relaxation where the subconscious mind can assess and review its current responses and then investigate alternatives which are more conductive to how you wish to feel.

In this case where there is a fear of flying, a more productive response would be to be calm, and have a sense of being in control. Whether this be from booking the flight onwards or just the flight itself , the mind is very capable of applying a response that is appropriate and still be aware of any possible dangers when necessary. I’m sure you can think of many responses you already apply naturally everyday that hold responsibility yet feel normal to you, for example,

  • . Driving / Public transport
  • . Crossing the road
  • . Exercise
  • . Cooking

These are just a tiny example of things you may do without thinking all the time.

To find out how Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying can help you, please contact using the following details for your FREE initial telephone consultation.

Tel: 07909 992635 / 01403 267276








Anxious Thoughts – Top Tips To Free Your Mind

Anxious Thoughts – Top Tips To Free Your Mind

There you go again …. a mind busy with thought upon thought …. buzz, buzz, buzz, a hive of anxious thoughts and activity, unwilling to pause for a moment. Does this sound like you? Well, if it does, how do you think you would feel if those thoughts could just pass on through allowing your mind to feel calmer and freer?

Read on to find out more ….

Top Tips To free Your Mind Of Anxiety

Top Tips To free Your Mind Of Anxiety

I’m imagining that you would feel that would be wonderful, a release …. but maybe inconceivable …. but it isn’t, there are steps that you can take that can encourage that process to happen.

Our thoughts can dictate how we feel. When there is so much activity it can feel like a panic, a need to immediately rectify a situation or situations and a sense of urgency or racing. Simultaneously, anxious feelings can initiate physical reactions within us like shortness of breath, tightness within the body, higher blood pressure, headaches, grinding of teeth and such like.

past and present thoughts

past and present thoughts

Just pause and have a think about the anxious thoughts you tend to receive.

Are they related to something that has happened in the past whether

that be a long time ago or even just now, or something you can imagine may happen in the future?

anxious thoughts in the mind

anxious thoughts in the mind

We are very good at re-running in our mind like a movie, uncomfortable memories from the past and creating new uncomfortable scenarios that could happen in the future.

Just by imagining or remembering something anxious you are immediately having an effect upon your physical being as well. You may have heard of fight or flight [1] and this can happen in a real situation or an imagined one.

In fight or flight mode, several chemicals are released within the system that prepare the body to fight or flee, so you can imagine the mind becomes super alert.

So how can we bring ourselves back to the present, the here and now, so we can quieten our mind and body?

Release The Anxious Thoughts

  1. Remind yourself that the present moment is real life …. the past and future are gone or imagined …. to live we have to be here.
  2. Lay or sit yourself comfortably if possible and become aware of more of your senses. Feel the chair beneath you, your feet on the floor, the cushion beneath your head or back. Feel the temperature of the air around you, notice any smells, listen for any sounds … close or far away.
  3. Look at five things around you, one by one. Look for detail, imagine what it would feel like to hold or touch that thing. How heavy, light, smooth or rough it may be. You are bringing your mind into the here and now …. the reality.
  4. Notice that how you allow your mind to focus on your surroundings, that it quietens, it feels calmer, it’s settling down.
  5. If any uncomfortable thoughts or feelings drift in, try to label them. For example, if you have anxious thoughts about your partner or children, you could label that thought/feeling by their name. By labelling, you are accepting they are there with more understanding (taking an outside view) and you should find that they drift away easier than you being taken away by them into the past or present.
  6. If you find yourself in a train of thoughts about possible scenarios in the future, try to interrupt with the word ‘FACT’. Most of the time there is NO absolute fact that the scenario is going to absolutely happen and, therefore, by recognising this you can make a conscious decision to not follow the movie in your mind and create further discomfort. Let it be what it is …. just an assumption that is more than likely not going to occur, so why give it your attention?
  7. Good thoughts release good feelings …. enjoy this very moment and if you wish to daydream …. see the positive and good things happening. We know that life can change for the good in just a moment.

For more information on how you can use your thought processes in a completely different way for the positive, contact

or 07909 992635/ 01403 267276



In with the New You

Out with the Old- In with the New You


In the New Year we can often question where we want to be, how we want to feel and when are we going to achieve this?

So whether the new you is to :

new you with hypnotherapyOVERCOME ANXIETY – start to feel calm and in control again

BE CONFIDENT – show the world what you are truly capable of

LOSE THE PHOBIA – take back control and live your life without that phobia fear

OVERCOME STRESS – feel yourself calm and slow down, ready to face the world with confidence

feel CALM IN CHILDBIRTH – enjoy your pregnancy, feel in control through childbirth and enjoy your baby

OR JUST FEEL DIFFERENT !!!!!!! – happy, confident, excited and alive!!!

Hypnotherapy can make a significant change in the way you think and the way you feel which in turn changes the way you react and respond to situations, events and created habits.

You may have tried to change how you feel through willpower, diets or new rituals to no effect – but you have just used your conscious mind, it’s your subconscious mind that holds the power and understanding!!!

Contact AbsoluteU Clinical Hypnotherapy on 01403 267276 / 07909992635 to find out how you can make the change.

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hypnotherapy to become the new you



Anxiety and Depression – Selena Gomez speaks out

Anxiety and Depression – Selena Gomez speaks outanxiety-and-selena-gomez

Anxiety and depression can make you feel isolated and withdrawn from society, however, whatever you may feel …. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Imagine if you were visiting your local supermarket for your weekly shop. All around you are people busy getting on with their lives, but you’ll be surprised to find out just how many are suffering from anxiety and depression.

We become adept at covering our inner feelings to a certain extent, whether it be by pure determination or need, or to hide from the stigma that can be portrayed from suffering from mental health issues.

Selena Gomez gave a hugely responsive speech at the American Music Awards of her struggle to deal with depression and anxiety. The response to her speaking out was understandably supportive and raised emotions in many.

She explained how she has taken time out to support herself in her recovery.

anxiety-helpBy understanding that you are not alone and that there is a way forward can give light to the end of the tunnel.

Hypnotherapy can be an effective tool in remedy of anxiety and depression.

So how does this work?

Think about this … at any moment of time you may have a thought that enters into your mind and even though you may interpret this thought as being irrational, you still can’t help FEELING that it’s possibly true.

Your conscious mind says irrational …. but your body feels different …. anxious, uptight, scared, with physical symptoms as well. Such as a raised heartbeat, sweating, shortness of breath or even feeling light headed.

Your subconscious mind is responsible for your reactions and behaviours, and it’s the subconscious mind that can learn to promote new responses through hypnosis.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to realise that a thought is irrational and then let it go instead of holding on to it?.

For the mind to feel in control and safe, it needs to feel calm and steady instead of being on high alert …. you may of heard of fight or flight mode?

And imagine if you could internalise feelings of hope and excitement through the language of your mind, and self-create your future.

By utilising the power and creativity of your mind YOU CAN CHANGE HOW YOU FEEL.

For more information on how you can change your life ring 07909 992635 for a free telephone consultation or click on the link below.


Hypnotherapy for Anxiety