Hypnotherapy Testimonials


Hypnotherapy with Flying and Heights

“I couldn’t wait to tell you how much difference you have made to me. Since you hypnotised me for my fear of flying, I have flown three times. Firstly, I went by plane to Venice and back on a cruise without any problems and managed to stay calm and almost enjoyed the flight. I also had a day trip which involved getting in a cable car and I am proud to say that I got on the cable car without any problems both up and down. Since this holiday I have flown two more times and this summer I am planning to fly to Crete. The world is my oyster now, thanks to you. I really can’t thank you enough and would like to wish you every success, you deserve it.” A.S.

Hypnotherapy and Heights

“I was so scared of heights, next thing I know I’m at the top of Wembley Stadium, then can you believe it I’m swinging on ropes between trees at Go Ape!”K.W.

Hypnobirthingotherapy – Hypnotherapy for Childbirth

“Hypnobirthing made me feel so more relaxed and in control with my second pregnancy. It provided me with the confidence to go within my body and trust my natural instincts. It also gave me an inner peace which made bonding and getting to know my new baby a much more enjoyable experience. It also gave me the ability and confidence to respond to my new world with two children and all the emotions and responsilbilities attatched, an altogether different experience to the first time round. Nicole has a natural ability through her calming and comforting manner and her carefully planned and thought out sessions which reassured me everytime.E.M”

“Hypnobirthing to me is something that all women should be made aware about when embarking on this truly magical journey of bringing new life to the world.E.M”


Sorry for the massive delay, as you can imagine the last 8
weeks have been pretty crazy!

So, here’s a little update. I managed to work right up to
the end of term (6 days before DD) and continued to feel
really well. Our due date came and went but I wasn’t
uncomfortable so we were happy to wait. The midwives were
keen for me to have a sweep but I wanted to wait until baby
was ready.

We got to 5 days over and there was talk of booking me in
for an induction, which I desperately did not want, and so
we went strawberry picking in hope that the squatting motion
might move things along a little. Still no sign. The next
day I sat and did nothing which was difficult but it seemed
to work, I started having mild contractions 7mins apart that
evening. I carried on my night as normal, went to bed and
listened to my relaxation track and woke after a full nights

Things carried on at a steady pace the next day. I was able
to chat, eat, watch films etc. up until about 6pm, just
stopping and closing my eyes and breathing with every
tightening. The visualisations of the muscles of the uterus
really helped, it meant that the stronger they got the more
excited I got because I knew my baby was getting closer. In
the evening we turned all the lights off, made it as dark as
possible, apart from candlelight, and put some relaxation
music on (Steven Halpern’s Comfort Zone) whilst I bounced on
my ball. If anybody came into our house I honestly don’t
think they would have a clue what was happening, it was
amazingly calm!

After a bath I got into bed at about 10pm, took some
paracetamol and napped in between my contractions that were
now about 3-4mins apart. At 11:15pm my waters broke and I
immediately felt the urge to start pushing! Jon called the
hospital and they said we could stay put and they’d send an
ambulance or we could head in, either way we had to make a
decision ASAP. Jon managed to get me downstairs and into the
car, my eyes were still closed and I was trying to visualise
“breathing the baby down”.

In the car my contractions were back to back, I kept feeling
the overwhelming urge to push and could feel the baby
crowning. Jon called the hospital and they suggested that we
pull over and they would talk him through the delivery;
neither of us were happy with this so we just kept going!

The midwife met me at the car with a wheelchair for me to
kneel on and we made our way to the labour ward. In the lift
I asked if I could get into the birthing pool and she
laughed saying I had no chance! When we got to the room I
asked the midwife what I should do and she told me to carry
on with whatever I’d been doing, she said that I clearly had
it under control. So, I climbed onto the bed, pushed twice
and our baby was born! Luca John Hughes was born at 00:25 on
the 1st August weighing 7lbs 5oz. He was in my arms whilst
we waited a few mins for the placenta and then he went
straight to breast and latched on straight away.

After a night of staring at him we were told we could go
leave at 9am and so, on the hottest day of the year, we
headed home to start family life!

I honestly think this amazing experience would have been
entirely different without our Hypnobirthing course. Thanks
to you, your sessions and the Hypnobirthing book I managed
to have a calm, drug-free labour and our little man started
life relaxed, alert and eager to feed. All of which he still
is! If the NHS would only offer your course they’d save so
much money on drugs!

Thank you for all the tools that you gave us. I’ve attached
some photos of our smiley, happy boy who says thank you too!
J & LA

I was very pleased to read your article in the County Times about painfree childbirth. I used this method in 1976 when I had my son. It was called psychoprophylaxis in those days and courses were ran by the Nct. I practised the various levels of breathing and my mantra and had a wonderful birth experience which I was fully in control of and contractions faded through concentration and relaxation. Elliot was born after a total 7hour labour which was painfree. I still had my makeup on. I had been so chilled.
Elliot has always been a calm person. He was a perfect baby, child and adult. No teenage traumas. He is now 37 and l like to think that his laid back lifestyle was due to the relaxing way he was born.
I always tell any pregnant woman about hynobirthing because it’s the best way to have a baby.
The method is useful for visits to the dentist and for headaches.



Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

“Just thought I would give you a little update… I am now 2 and a half stone lighter than when I met you!. I’m feeling and looking so much better, I’. at the gym 4 times a week and drink enough water to sink a ship!. Thanks to you my new year is looking so much brighter!. Making my way down that road in 2014.” A F.L


“I still can’t believe that I no longer snack on sweets and crisps, it’s quite amazing how you can change your lifestyle just by seeing food for what it really is and not for what it could substitute. Thankyou so much I feel healthier and fitter than I can remember.” G.W

Hypnotherapy For Anxiety

“Hi Nicole, I would like to thank you very much for your therapy. I found your techniques very helpful, they improved my sleep and each time I got anxious I immediately put one of your procedures into action before the anxiety could take over, and it certainly helped. I’m sure I will be using them again.” M.S

Hi Nicole, I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for all you have done so far. Below is a little testimonial for your website
After suffering with anxiety and panic attacks for 24 years my body was physically and mentally exhausted. With the severity of these attacks increasing due to a marriage breakdown, they started to manifest themselves into different areas of my life, where never present before. It was then I decided to seek help. Thank you for showing me coping mechanisms to use when needed. Thank you for the hypnotherapy – the only time I really ever get to relax. And thank you for listening to me and letting me rant…..
You are kind and caring and have helped me a lot. Although not cured, I feel I am now equipped with the tools to help me progress. Once the divorce has been finalised, life has calmed and I can concentrate on myself, I will be back for some more treatment.



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