FREE Weight Loss Tips It’s that time of the year when we start to think of all the festivities and occasions where excess food is consumed. So instead of the “New Year Diet” how about start to lose weight now in a way where you can still appreciate, participate andContinue Reading

Weight Loss for Xmas                                 Do you want to lose weight ?                               Do you want to look good ?                                       Do you want to feel good ? With just a few weeks until Christmas Festivity it’s a good time to look forward to feeling really good and change your lifestyle for good.Continue Reading

Hypnobirthing open evening for expecting Horsham mums This entry was posted by Jack McAllister on April 11, 2014 at 5:00 pm Expecting Horsham mums preparing for their baby’s birth can attend an open evening on hypnotherapy for childbirth next month. Nicole Wetherell, who started Horsham-based AbsoluteU around a year ago,Continue Reading

Hypnobirthing Open Evening Come and explore the opportunities offered to you through Hypnobirthing with the birth of your child. Wednesday 16th April at Roffey Millennium Hall, Horsham RH12 4DT at 7pm. Please call 07909992635 / 01403 267276 or email to register.Continue Reading

HYPNOTHERAPY FOR PAIN SKY NEWS 4:43pm UK, Wednesday 28 August 2013 Alex Lenkei, a hypnotist from West Sussex has had an amazing six operations without general anaesthetic, the latest being ankle replacement surgery. As described by Mr Lenkei “The brain is a very sophisticated computer and if you press theContinue Reading

Hypnobirthing to ease the pain Recent articles and gossip have led the media to believe that Kate Middleton is considering the use of Hypnobirthing to aid with the birth of her baby. Hypnobirthing can help the mother to be relaxed and in a positive frame of mind throughout pregnancy andContinue Reading

Hypnotherapy for Phobias From dental work to a phobia of fish, ITV’s This Morning showed how Hypnotherapy can positively help with phobias. Phobias can become all encompassing at times and can leave you feeling completely helpless, anxious, stressed and even feeling depressed. Over time phobias can also seem to becomeContinue Reading