The Department Of Health has implemented a pledge in its’ campaign to improve public health in England. The pledge is as follows:

H5. Smoking Cessation/Respiratory Health

8 February, 2012

“We will encourage staff to stop smoking, by facilitating onsite stop smoking support services or by encouraging them to attend local stop smoking services during working time without loss of pay.  We will also take action to reduce other risks to respiratory health arising in the workplace.”


Benefit to employers/employees

The Enterprise LSE Report (2008) estimated the total direct cost of smoking borne by employers in 2008 was £2.1 billion. 


 £1.1 billion from smoking related illness absence

–  £914 million from smoking related breaks

–  £133 million in fire damage.

Three breaks of 15 mins for smoking costs an average of 195 hours per year for each employee.


Encouraging staff to quit smoking and reducing the risk of other respiratory health problems in the workplace can have many benefits for the health and wellbeing of your staff and the success of your organisation.

Smoking is the primary cause of preventable ill health and early death counting for almost 80,000 deaths in England each year. The overall economic burden of smoking is estimated at £13.74bn a year.  As well as the costs of treating smoking-related illnesses in the NHS (estimated at £2.7 billion a year) this also includes loss of productivity from smoking breaks and increased absenteeism.


In support of the above pledge and for health and wellbeing, Absoluteu offers a discount for Employers and Employees in areas such as Corporate Stop Smoking and Stress.


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