Hypnotherapy for Addictions

Hypnotherapy for Addictions

Hypnotherapy for addictions can help in so many ways such as altering conscious and subconscious behaviours and responses to habits formed over time.

Hypnotherapy for addictions – What is an addiction?

An addiction is usually used to describe a physical or psychological dependency and the behaviour(s) resulting then lead to the detriment of the person whether it may be their health, family, employment or social standing etc.

The behaviours may be described as :-

Compulsive – an irresistible urgehypnosis for addictions horsham and sussex

Impulsive – a sudden strong unreflective urge

Habitual – done as a habit

Addicted – physically dependent

Excessive – more than is normal or required

Dependent – reliant on another person or thing


Addictions can arise from a behaviour that has become more frequent and intense and can additionally cause chemical changes within the brain. Over time a person can become more tolerant to the substance or behaviour and in turn need more and more to satisfy themselves.

It has also been found that you are more at risk of developing an addiction if:

– You have grown up in an environment of addictive behaviour

– You have suffered stress or mental abuse growing up

– You are suffering a large amount of stress

– You have mental health problems

Common problems / addictions include:

 Problems with Alcoholhypnotherapy for alcohol abuse

Over time an individual can find themselves drinking more and more as they become more tolerant to the affects of alcohol. Additionally, they may use alcohol as a mental stability crutch to ride the times of stress.

Apart from the medical consequences of alcohol abuse such as liver and heart disease there are several other consequences of the abuse such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, sweating, nausea and social implications.


hypnotherapy for gambling horsham,crawley,west sussex Problems with Gambling

When a change occurs from playing a game in the chance of winning to being compulsive in the need to gamble, a problem is developing to the possibility of addiction. The urge to try and try again with loss of monies not only affects the gambler, but consequently others too.


hypnotherapy for addiction to shopping horsham,crawley,west sussexProblems with Shopping

Compulsive shopping can lead to several problems including relationship strain and money worries. Too often the desire to spend is an outcome of other underlying problems that are being avoided such a emotional unrest.




Hypnotherapy can help the individual to assess the reasons behind the behaviour and find new positive responses for the future.


Drug use






Hypnotherapy for addictions or problem behaviour.

By using Hypnotherapy the reasons and triggers behind the existing behaviours can be unearthed and subsequently, a new direction of behaviours can then be realised. The changes can be implemented to suit the person, for example, if the person only wanted to drink in a social environment away from home, rather than abstinance in total.

It does not matter how long an addiction has been held as a change in behaviour is what is required and this can happen quickly.

As a hypnotherapist I can help you explore the reasons and beliefs behind your behaviours and create a new successful path forward.


Make changes now and not later with Hypnotherapy at AbsoluteU.


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