Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Do you want to lose weight ? – You can with the Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Programme

How do I lose weight?

The Weight Loss Hypnotherapy programme is a personalised therapy for you. It addresses your relationship with food, your underlying beliefs, compulsions and behaviours.

When you don’t have to consciously think about food, it can make it so much easier to diet or lose weight.

Additionally, if you create a healthier relationship to food in your mind, you can drop any old destructive behaviours and beliefs. That’s because they just don’t work for you anymore!

The programme helps you reconnect with the signals from the brain that let you know if and when you are hungry. Subsequently, you can respond just like you do with other signals. For example, being thirsty, needing the loo or feeling tired.

Diets and quick fixes

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How often do we seek to find a quick fix with the control of our weight whether it be by diet, weight loss classes, slimming classes or exercise. Or even by eating less just to find that a few days, months or years later we are back to our original state or even worse?

Weight loss Hypnotherapy is different to the above methods as it creates the behavioural changes that are necessary to sustain weight loss. Therefore, it can support healthier eating and exercising.

Additional Weight Loss Factors to consider

We will investigate the reasons and behaviours involved with your lifestyle and how they impact on your body and mind. And by reaching these findings we can then seek to remedy the causes which hinder the progress of your will to change.

We will also look at additional reasons that may affect your weight including

Portion Control

Over time we can find that we are eating progressively bigger portions of food which can derive from subconcious behaviour or habit. Hypnotherapy for weight loss can encourage weight loss by changing the underlying behaviours and habits. Both on a conscious and subconcious level using hypnosis.

Water Intake

Water can be invaluable in the nourishment of mind and body. Therefore, it can aide in the process of weight loss on both conscious and subconscious levels. By maintaining a healthy level of water intake, your body will respond positively in many ways. Such as improved energy levels and decrease in appetite. Hypnosis helps to substantiate the thought process of water intake to aide in the overall weight loss.


We all know that exercise can help in many ways with weight loss and general health. However, the thought of exercise can sometimes instigate a negative thought process within us. With use of Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis for weight loss, thoughts and behaviours can be changed to encourage exercise on which ever level is appropriate. Remember exercise can be as simple as walking!!

Food and drink awareness

By becoming more aware of what we are intending to eat and drink, we can change our thoughts and behaviours to adapt a healthier lifestyle. This in turn promotes the weight loss process.


Cravings can occur for many reasons. Such as underlying habits or even energy and sugar levels which are derived from our current lifestyle. The Hypnotherapy Weight Loss program investigates your current habits, lifestyle, subconscious and conscious thought processes. Subsequently, a new path forward can be found for weight loss.

Health Implications of Weight

As we all know our weight also impacts considerably upon the health of our body. For example, blood pressure, diabetes and possible heart conditions to name a few. So it is imperative to have an overview of a lifestyle rather than food alone. The Hypnotherapy weight loss Programme can explore these on both the conscious and subconscious level.

By using these techniques long term solutions can be made in your lifestyle and ,therefore, in your health as well as weight.

As a hypnotherapist I can help you explore the reasons and beliefs behind your behaviours and create a new successful path forward.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Programme

 The Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss programme consists of 5 sessions of Hypnotherapy on a one-to-one basis.  If you know what you want to change, we can help you make it happen.

To enjoy the benefits and help we can provide with Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis for weight loss at Absoluteu in Horsham and West Sussex please call on either 07909 992635 or 01403 267276 to discuss your situation with Nicole Wetherell Hypnotherapist.

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