Hypnotherapy for Addictions


Finally become the person you want to be.

Get rid of the addiction once and for all.

Here’s why you should have Hypnotherapy to change your life.

The use of Hypnotherapy for addictions helps by altering conscious and subconscious behaviours. Additionally, it can change responses and habits that have formed over time.

If you want to make a change to your behaviours, Hypnotherapy may be just right for you !!!!

Many people suffer trying to manage problem behaviours such as alcohol, drug use, gambling, sex and shopping . Hypnotherapy can effect positive changes in behaviour that can be long lasting or permanent for you.

What is an addiction?

An addiction is usually used to describe a physical or psychological dependency and the behaviour(s) resulting. These then lead to the detriment of the person. Whether it may be their health, family, employment or social standing etc.

The behaviours may be described as :-

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Compulsive – When you have an irresistible urge.

Impulsive – You have a sudden strong unreflective urge.

Habitual – You are doing things habitually.

Addicted – You are physically dependent.

Excessive – Things are being done by you more than is normal or required.

Dependent – You are reliant on another person or thing.


Addictions can arise from a behaviour that has become more frequent and intense. Additionally this causes chemical changes within your brain.

Over time a you can become more tolerant to the substance or behaviour. Subsequently, there is a need for more to satisfy yourself.

It has also been found that you are more at risk of developing an addiction if:

  • If you have grown up in an environment of addictive behavior
  • You have suffered stress or mental abuse growing up
  • There is a large amount of stress you are dealing with
  • You have mental health problems

Common problem behaviors from addictions

Problems with alcohol addiction

Help with drinking and alcohol abuse

Over time an individual can find themselves drinking more and more as they become more tolerant to the affects of alcohol. Additionally, they may use alcohol as a mental stability crutch to ride the times of stress.

Apart from the medical consequences of alcohol abuse such as liver and heart disease there are several other consequences of the abuse. Such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, sweating, nausea and social implications.

Problems with gambling addiction

Help with gambling

Change can occur from playing a game in the chance of winning. It can then become compulsive in the need to gamble. Therefore, this can then signify a problem is developing to the possibility of addiction.

The urge to try and try again with loss of monies not only affects the gambler, but consequently others too.

Problems with drug misuse

Help with drug addiction

Drugs are readily available today both legally and illegally. Hence , the lead to drug misuse. By changing your belief of the reason to self medicate, behavioural changes can happen.

Once the behaviour has changed, the physical effects can be addressed and managed.

Problems with shopping addiction

help with shopping addiction

Compulsive shopping can lead to several problems including relationship strain and money worries. Too often the desire to spend is an outcome of other underlying problems that are being avoided such a emotional unrest.

Problems with sex addiction

Help with sex addiction

Having a sex addiction is usually signified by excessive behaviour. This could be a compulsion to sleep with someone, maybe via the internet or visiting sex workers. Exposure and other risky behaviour can also be sought after for satisfaction.

Hypnotherapy helps you to assess the reasons behind the behaviour. Then you can find new positive responses for the future.

How does Hypnotherapy for addictions help?

By using Hypnotherapy, the reasons and triggers behind the existing behaviours can be unearthed.

Subsequently, a new direction of behaviours can then be found for you.

The changes can then be implemented to suit you. For example, if you only wanted to drink in a social environment away from home, rather than abstinance in total.

It does not matter how long an addiction has been held as a change in behaviour is what is required and this can happen quickly.

As a hypnotherapist I can help you explore the reasons and beliefs behind your behaviours and create a new successful path forward.