Hypnotherapy for phobias

What is a Phobia?

Phobias are a feeling of fear or anxiety that can be overwhelming or debilitating. They are usually associated to a certain situation, object, place, animal or feeling.

A phobia can become very severe. Subsequently you may suffer from anxiety which reflects upon your feelings and behaviours. You may even change things within your daily life to avoid them.

Fears can be learnt from peers. For example, seeing a parent run from a spider. Additionally, they can arise from reading or hearing information within media or conversation.

There are situations where a certain amount of fear or wariness is rationale such as climbing a mountain or crossing a road. However, when the fear is prevalent just in thought it indicates a heightened and disproportionate belief in the mind.

The wonder of hypnosis is that the thoughts and beliefs of the subconscious mind can be encouraged to adapt a rationale and calm response. Subsequently, with understanding the original fear is not substantiated and can be seen as being something that can be dealt with.


These are irrational fears of environment including:

Fear of heights ( Acrophobia )

Fear of lightning ( Astraphobia )

Fear of the dark ( Nyctophobia )

Fear of fire ( Pyrophobia )


These are severe reactions to being in a particular place / situation :

Fear of flying ( Aerophobia)

Fear of enclosed spaces i.e. lifts, underground, crowds (Claustrophobia)

Fear of crossing bridges or tunnels ( Gephyrophobia )



These are fears relating to a person or medical environment, for example:

Fear of needles ( Trypanophobia )

Fear of doctors ( Iatrophobia )

Fear of blood ( Hemophobia )

Fear of surgery ( Tomophobia )

These are fears usually associated with being under the spotlight, such as:

Fear of public speaking ( Glossophobia )

Fear of new situations ( Neophobia )

Fear of people ( Anthrophobia )

Hypnotherapy for Phobias – What causes a Phobia ?

The most common cause is derived from an event in the past. We are all born with the intuitive sense of ‘Fight or Flight.’ Subsequently, if something happens to us which causes an overwhelming emotion such as fear or anxiety, our mind can make a link between the event and the feeling. Then when we face the event again or a situation that is similar, those feelings can appear again. You may not even recall the initial event, but your subconscious mind has made a connection it feels is valid for a purpose, such as protection.

Phobias can also be derived from a learnt behaviour. For example, a parent screams at the sight of a spider. The child then instantly relates the spider as a source of danger. From birth we are constantly learning from our peers and cohabitants and what we learn we believe to be true until we have maturity to assess and reframe.

Hypnotherapy for Phobias – Symptoms

  • Irrational or excessive fear of a specific situation or object.
  • Avoiding the situation or object or enduring it with great distress.
  • Anticipatory anxiety. This involves becoming nervous in advance of  being in certain situations or coming into contact with the object of your phobia. For example, a person afraid of lifts could become nervous before visiting a new place as there may be no stairs to use.

How Hypnotherapy helps with phobias

By investigating the reasons and triggers of the emotions leading to the phobia or phobias a new path of behaviour can be derived.

Hypnotherapy has proven to be very successful in changing patterns of behaviour which encourage these feelings of fear and anxiety. By interacting with the subconscious mind, great changes can be made to be found that would not necessarily be optional on a conscious level only.

At AbsoluteU we do not expose the client to the object of their phobia so you can be safe in the understanding that the therapy is planned to encourage the client to do so when they are ready on their own terms.

Other common phobias

Agoraphobia, fear of open spaces

Arachnophobia, fear of spiders

Coulrophobia, fear of clowns

Cynophobia, fear of dogs

Emetophobia, fear of being sick

Entomophobia, fear of insects

Hydrophobia, fear of water

Lilapsophobia, fear of extreme weather

Ophidiophobia, fear of snakes

Pyrophobia, fear of fire

Spheksophobia, fear of wasps

Tokophobia, fear of giving birth

However, the reality is that a Phobia or irrational fear can arise for anything….walking on cracks on the pavement, plasters, trees or even the moon!!!!

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