Mind Fit

3 Simple Steps To Kick Start Your Mind Fit

Just as physically exercising can make your body fitter, mentally exercising can make your mind fitter. Get mind fit now !!

1.Get Mind Fit – Begin to Invite Your Senses Back In – STOP…PAUSE…. become aware of your surroundings. Feel the temperature, hear the noises surrounding you, pick an object up … feel its’ texture, its’ weight.mind senses

Now notice how you feel more aware … more open and lighter.

Just the simple action of walking along the street and feeling your feet on the pavement, hearing the birds sing, feeling the breeze makes you feel alive … you are no longer just concentrating on your visual sense. Or do something extra like when you take the washing out of the machine … smell the clothes, feel the weight and softness of them in your hands.

The more you invite all your senses, the more real the world feels around you and you experience more.

2. Get Mind Fit – Pause To Understand Your Emotion – The mind is very quick to react to a feeling with thoughts, for example, you have a feeling of anxiety and the mind then invites in negative thoughts such as “What if this goes wrong?” and “What if I can’t cope?”.

The mind can then easily follow a created story where you imagine things going wrong …. you follow the negative story and play it out in your imagination. Therefore, creating even more negative feelings such as apprehension and fear.

mind emotionTry this instead …. pause to understand the emotion. Recognise it and then plan what you should do to feel different in a positive way, not even worse.

For example, you are feeling anxious because you need to drive your child to a new destination for a football match in the morning. Instead of going with the feeling and imagining getting lost and being late and flustered ….. DO THIS …. Pause and recognise the emotion as being anxiety and that it is making you feel uncomfortable. Now plan what you can do to feel better i.e. put the sat nav in the car, leave a little bit earlier, or even arrange to travel with others …. then embrace the better feeling of calm.

3. Get Mind Fit – Interrupt The Negative Thought – Just imagine how much easier life would be if we didn’t waste time focusing on negative thoughts that are not substantial in the first place.

Follow this simple process:mind negative

Ask yourself:-

Are there any facts to support this?

Do I have any control over this situation?

If the answer is NO to either of them, then the thought needs to be let go.

Using your mind in a new way opens the doors to many opportunities and a life of wonder.

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