Weight Loss …Enough of the What If’s … Make the Choice… LOSE WEIGHT !!

Weight Loss by decision with your mind

It’s the end of yet another year and the time when people look to make resolutions and changes …. a New Year, A New You!! weight loss offer horsham, crawley, west sussex How many times have you had good intentions to lose weight and become healthier, but then to find yourself slip back into old habits and routines ? And then … the feelings of hopelessness and low self-esteem follow. Think about this .. you make multiple decisions every moment of the day, some of which seem so easy within your mind that sometimes you do not seem to register them. Everything from what you are going to wear when you get up to what time you decide to go to bed. These decisions may have some thoughts attached to them, for example, I had better wear a jumper as it may get cold later or I should go to bed earlier this evening as I need to travel to a meeting early in the morning. These thoughts support the decision to be made and strengthen the choice …. so why can the decision to lose weight be so hard ? First of all think about how the statements ‘Weight Loss’ or ‘Lose Weight’ may be interpreted within your mind. Both statements infer losing something which could naturally put you in defence mode. Additionally, if weight loss is something you have attempted before and had difficulty or struggle with, your mind may think this is the natural response as those memories are stored in relation to losing weight.

So What Can I Do To Lose Weight?

1. Make The Decision to become slimmer and healthier

2. Create new thoughts and behavioural patterns that will support this decision positively

3. Support this decision on a conscious and subconscious level

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How Can I Lose Weight With My Mind?

Over the years your mind has created and stored many beliefs and responses that can lie within your subconscious mind. For example, it may believe that food is a great comforter, is good to deal with stress, stops you from being bored, so when you try and lose weight it becomes hard as the mind is in conflict when these situations occur. Additionally, diets are seen as processes to follow which have an end to them, whereas, losing weight should be a lifestyle choice that continues.

The ‘Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Program’ incorporates NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming),CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Hypnotherapy to work on both a conscious and subconscious basis. This enables you to understand that a choice you make can be made in a positive way and allow you to change routed incorrect beliefs to new ones which are encouraging and more truthful.

You also have the ability to use techniques on a conscious basis which support your decisions, new ways of using your mind to your benefit…an armoury against your old negative beliefs and behaviours!!

A program of 5 personal sessions for £275 only. Change the way you feel about food on an on going basis, not just short term like dieting!!

Imagine being able to use your mind in a way which can support your desires… WE ALL WANT HAPPINESS!!

So make a choice …. Do you want to be happier????hypnotherapy to change horsham west sussex

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