Weight Loss Hypnosis – The Power of the Mind

Weight Loss Hypnosis – The Power of the Mind

As you proceed into the New Year, have you found your best intentions to lose weight starting to slip?

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Our motivation to succeed can be subjected to many distractions such as stress, a lack of confidence, feeling low or depressed, or feeling anxious to name a few. When we then focus upon areas and feelings  in our lives that have in the past supported the need to eat more we can then fall back into the trap of feeling food will provide comfort or support.

When you assess when and why you over eat you can become more aware of how you are eating  – the more knowledge, the more power!!!

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When we create habits we create links within our minds. These links can become stronger and stronger over time. For example, if you have eaten unhealthily or more food in the past when you have felt stressed, your mind can then begin to access this link when you first start to feel stressed as being the appropriate method for dealing with the stress. This then becomes more and more frequent that you do not even realise you are doing it until hind sight kicks in !!

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So how can we change these thought patterns that can so easily become subconscious?

The use of Hypnotherapy can have a positive and influential process within the thought process of the mind, by suggesting the mind encourages new ways of dealing with situations.

How often do we hear that someone eats when they feel low as it gives them feelings of comfort, to then later on feeling even lower as they realise that the extra food will cause weight gain, which will make them feel lower still?

What if the mind created a new response to feeling low, for example, focusing on something that would make the feel better in a positive way such as taking a short walk to enhance their physical senses and create a natural feeling of uplift – would that not then be a happier and healthier alternative?

PAUSE TO THINK – If our minds have already created habits, why can’t they create new ones?

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