Stop Overthinking of the mind

Stop overthinking in your mind to create calm.

When the mind overthinks we usually gather a negative thought in the mind. This thought can then lead to another and another. Before we know it, the mind is full of thoughts and because our thoughts generate feelings, we can feel overwhelmed.

Every time we repeat a process in our mind we are reinforcing a response. Think of it as a neural path within your mind that becomes more and more well trodden and easy to follow. Like a habit of taking the same route as it begins to feel the easier way to walk.

This is great if the response is positive, however, it can become a problem if the response is negative.

With a negative response it would prove proactive to take another route or bypass the response entirely.

stop overthinking

So how can we stop the overthinking?

How to stop the overthinking?

Here is a quick interruption method for the prevention of overthinking.


If you have a negative ‘what if’ in your mind i.e. ‘What if I don’t complete my work’ or ‘What if someone doesn’t call me back’ – shout in your mind one word – ‘FACT’.

If there is no fact to prove your assumption at this very point of time, drop the thought, treat it as a lie.

Most of our worries are assumptions and not facts. If we can continue to drop the assumptions by interrupting them with the word ‘FACT’, the mind can learn to do it subconsciously.

We can be more productive by dealing with most things as and when they happen, rather than worrying continuously about things which will probably NOT happen.

What could happen if I use this technique?

The more you consciously encourage a new response, the more the subconscious mind learns the response in the background. A new response can then become an instilled habit of thinking for you. As with habits, you could just realise with hindsight one day that you have stopped consciously overthinking, it’s become something you used to do, but do no longer.

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