If you’re interested in using your mind in a proactive way to generate positive thinking and feelings of well being …. read on. Be a master of your mind On Monday the 4/3/19, I will be promoting a series of FREE MIND EMPOWERING cognitive techniques directed at positive, proactive thinking.Continue Reading

Are you anxious about giving birth to your baby? Do not fear, you are not alone in your feelings. Many parents, whether they are first time or fifth time can experience feelings of fear, anxiety and panic. So what can you do to help yourself and your baby? Give yourselfContinue Reading

Get Mind Fit – Bring The Sunshine In Just as physically exercising can make your body fitter, mentally exercising can make your mind fitter !! So let’s get mind fit !! When you participate in exercise you can engage muscles that are not always put through their paces in normalContinue Reading