Anxiety taking over your life? Feelings of anxiety can overtake your mind without a moments notice to make us feel fearful, scared and out of control together with raising physical symptoms such as blood pressure, hyper ventilation, sweating and shaking. These feelings can upset any sense of calm and putContinue Reading

Hypnotherapy For Change  A New Year, a New You !!! But how do I make it happen? I hear you say – well let’s take a look at Hypnotherapy and how your magnificent mind can work together to make the change.   Hypnotherapy For Change – How often do youContinue Reading

Weight Loss Offer – Horsham, West Sussex Already thinking about weight loss in the New Year or now… take advantage of this great weight loss offer from AbsoluteU Clinical Hypnotherapy in Horsham, West Sussex. The Weight Loss Offer Programme from AbsoluteU offers 5 one-to-one sessions of Weight Loss Hypnotherapy to helpContinue Reading

Free Hypnobirthing – 1 hour Session Calling all pregnant ladies in Horsham, West Sussex!! The thought of childbirth can create many apprehensions and fears within the mind even though the creation of life is wonderful in itself. Hypnotherapy helps the mother to relax in both mind and body and also prepare forContinue Reading