Get Mind Fit

Get Mind Fit – Bring The Sunshine In

Just as physically exercising can make your body fitter, mentally exercising can make your mind fitter !!

So let’s get mind fit !!mind fit

get fitWhen you participate in exercise you can engage muscles that are not always put through their paces in normal everyday activity, however, the results that can be achieved are encouraging and inspiring such as a tighter, leaner and stronger body.


So imagine if you were to encourage your mind to participate in a way that it hasn’t before. Imagine what you would discover and the results it could show you.mind results

Everyday we wake up and the day is set in motion, maybe planned, maybe not.

mind numbAnd on to the travelator we step. Moving on………………………………………..need to do this, need to do that!!!

Reacting if interrupted when necessary.mind reaction

But what if you were to create as well as respond ?. Create a mind set where senses are heightened, where the mind is more open and inviting …….

Where you are living life !!!!

If you would like to try a few easy steps to start your mind fitness, please click on the link below


NHS to offer birth budget – includes Hypnotherapy

NHS to offer birth budget – includes Hypnotherapy

Later this year, the NHS are to pilot a scheme where a budget will be offered to pregnant woman to enable more personal choice in their care plan.pregnancy Options available may include:

  • hypnotherapy to relieve anxiety and pain
  • private midwifery services providing one-to-one support during pregnancy and labour
  • a home birth
  • the use of a birthing pool
  • extra breastfeeding support after birth

AbsoluteU Hypnobirthing Course

The Hypnobirthing Childbirth Hypnotherapy process is based over 5 sessions on a one to one basis to ensure that your own personal concerns and worries are addressed and incorporates the use of self-hypnosis in addition to the Hypnotherapy treatments to ensure that the mother is as well-prepared and excited about the birth as possible. The mother will also learn relaxation and breathing techniques to aid the feelings of confidence and wellbeing throughout the birth and after. Partners are welcome at any or all of the sessions and will also be given the opportunity to engage and learn techniques that can be used  pre, during and after labour (antenatal and postnatal.) By experiencing the Hypnotherapy for Childbirth course you will feel the confidence and excitement of being a mum whether this is your first child or fourth!!!

The Hypnobirthing Course provides you with:

  •  Personal conscious techniques to deal with feelings of anxiety and fear
  •  Personal self-hypnosis techniques
  •  Personal Hypnotherapy at each session – pregnancy, childbirth, post pregnancy
  •  Partner contribution techniques
  • Personal audios available

NHS hospital sussex and surrey

NHS hospital sussex and surrey

Local NHS trusts include:

East Surrey Hospital – Redhill

Princess Royal Hospital – Haywards Heath

Royal Sussex Hospital –  Brighton

Worthing Hospital

If you would like for information on Hypnotherapy for childbirth please do not hesitate to contact AbsoluteU Hypnobirthing
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How To Reduce Anxiety – Smile With Your Mind

reduce anxietyReduce Anxiety With Your Mind

Have you ever felt like you are different to others, that you need to reduce anxiety within you?

You may be surprised to find that you are not so different to a huge percentage of the population.

Every 7 years a survey is done in England to measure different types of mental health problems including anxiety amongst the population. The survey is based upon people living at home and so does not include other possible sufferers, for example, the homeless.

The last published report was in 2009 and included the following statistics [1].

Anxiety                                                                                                                    4.7 in 100

Depression                                                                                                             2.6 in 100 

Anxiety / Depression                                                                                              9.7 in 100 

Eating Disorders                                                                                                   1.6  in 100

Phobias                                                                                                                  2.6  in 100

OCD                                                                                                                       1.3  in 100

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder                                                                          3.0  in 100

Panic Disorder                                                                                                      1.2  in 100


Mental Health problems are experienced by 1 in 4 people each year.

Environmental factors can have an increasing effect on the possibility of experiencing a mental health problem such as anxiety.

Factors such as income worries, job losses, provision of care, medical conditions, social interaction and exams can play a major part.

The ONS (Office for National Statistics) have found that people aged 45-59 have the lowest ratings of life satisfaction and happiness.

Anxiety, stress and other mental health issues can be relevant at all stages of life in different measures and different meanings.

The highly active environments we live within invite anxiety and stress quite effortlessly.

For example, a child or young adult will face examinations and tests at school and externally such as driving lessons, sports gradings and interviews.

Additionally, as has been bought to light recently in the news, there is more evidence of bullying and estrangement on platforms such as social networks which gives rise to possible anxiety, stress and other mental health issues of a social nature.

So What Can Be Done To Reduce Anxiety

There will always be situations that arise which cause us worry or concern and dealing with these is perfectly normal. However, when people find it hard to control or manage their worries it can have a negative impact.

Use The Mind To Generate Calm And Wellbeing

. reduce anxietySmile – Smiling activates neuropeptides which are tiny molecules that facilitate neurons to communicate. Dopamine, serotonin and endorphins are released when you smile – the feel good feelings!! – and consequently the body can relax which may also lower your blood pressure and heart rate.

When you smile, the outside world is encouraged to feel good with you!!


breathe away anxiety. Ratio Breathing – When we are feeling anxious or stressed our breathing can alter and inhalations are emphasized at the expense of exhalations. Within our nervous system are the sympathetic system and the parasympathetic system. The sympathetic system raises blood pressure, heart rate and tension in preparation for physical activity. The parasympathetic system does the opposite.

Inhalation stimulates the sympathetic system and exhalation the parasympathetic.

So try this process of ratio breathing. Inhale for 3 counts and then exhale for 6, through the nose. You can adjust the ration to 2 in and 4 out as you feel yourself relax or if you feel uncomfortable with the longer ratio. Even a 2:1 ratio will help your body and mind to relax. Start by practising for a few minutes each day.

laugh away anxiety. 10 minutes laughing time – When we laugh we feel the world is a lighter place. By bringing laughter into our lives we can decrease stress hormones. When we smile we release dopamine which produces feelings of happiness. When we are laughing our minds are distracted from the negative thoughts and most importantly, it feels good to laugh!!.

So take 10 minutes out of your day to have some happy time and laugh – watch something funny, do something that makes you laugh, be with someone who makes you laugh. By seeking out the laughter, you are bringing on the happiness!!

feeling anxious. Recognise the feeling – Uncomfortable feelings can often be felt but not identified. If you try to recognise the feeling you have it may gain you more insight into a way of feeling better. Take a step back and think about how you are exactly feeling i.e. angry or sad. Then try to identify the cause of the feeling. The next step is very important …. think about what YOU can do to help yourself feel different, do not rely upon others to remedy your feelings. By stopping and identifying your feelings you can plan to change them.


control anxiety. Is it out of your control? – Pause to think about whether you have any control over the situation you are worrying about. If you have no control then consider whether it is a good thing for you to worry for the period of time it will take until there is an answer or solution to the problem – think about the stress it will be putting on you both physically and mentally within this period of time of no change.

If you do have some control over the situation, make a plan of what you can do to change the situation and how you are feeling. Even the smallest of change can have a big affect.

anxiety passes. Time Passes – Remember that whatever you are dealing with will pass.

There are always times in our lives where we are dealing with things that seem insurmountable and extremely stressful so try and remember that things have passed by before … you are still here!!.

Time passes and we can either sit still with a situation or allow  ourselves to move forward into the future where the situation will have passed.

These are conscious methods that you can apply to alter how your mind deals with anxiety, but if you would like to learn how you can employ your subconscious mind to work on your behalf in a positive way for anxiety, please do not hesitate to contact AbsoluteU Clinical Hypnotherapy for your free telephone consultation.

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[1] The Health and Social Care Information Centre, 2009





Anxiety – LESS!!!

Anxiety taking over your life? anxiety horsham, crawley, west sussex

Feelings of anxiety can overtake your mind without a moments notice to make us feel fearful, scared and out of control together with raising physical symptoms such as blood pressure, hyper ventilation, sweating and shaking. These feelings can upset any sense of calm and put us in a heightened sense of alert.

Whether the anxiety is general or occurs in certain situations, it can lead to changes in our general reactions and responses, even altering the way we would have originally dealt with things when the anxiety was not present.

When does Anxiety occur?

Anxiety can occur at any time due to an underlying (subconscious) belief, whether learnt or inherited. For example, if you have experienced an unpleasant situation in the past such as forgetting your words when making a speech, the next time you are in a similar situation your mind may refer to the initial memory and anticipate a reoccurrence. The mind may then go into self-defence mode (fight or flight) in preparation which can incur feelings of panic and being on high alert.

Additionally, if you have learnt from others beliefs i.e. seeing a parent screaming when they see a spider you may believe that spiders are dangerous  even though they have never hurt you previously. Learnt and inherited beliefs can be instigated at an early age when children are learning from peers they trust and believe in.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Horham, Sussex and SurreyAnxiety can manifest in many ways of which some you may find presented here:

Trauma  Medical Conditions  Grief   Phobias   Stress   Fears

General Anxiety   Relationships   Environmental   Presenting

Talking   Exams   Social Interaction  New Situations


How Can I Stop Anxiety?

By recognising the emotions and thoughts with in your mind you can learn how to understand the messages they are portraying to you and then decide how to deal with them to make you feel better.

Whether this is by realising the thought is unhelpful or without fact and then ignoring it or by understanding the thought has a meaning and then reframing the thought in a more positive way, anxiety can be managed in so many ways.

reframeYou know that YOU DO NOT CHOOSE to feel anxious, scared, uncertain or helpless so CHOOSE TO FEEL GOOD!!

Hypnotherapy can help you to manage your anxiety by approaching the subconscious mind which is responsible for your reactions and beliefs. The subconscious has routed information which it uses to respond to different situations i.e. learnt beliefs and this is where an understanding of change is required additional to your conscious decision for change.stop anxiety

Imagine how you would feel with anxiety diminished or even gone … it’s a whole new life waiting to begin!!

To learn how Hypnotherapy can make significant changes in your life with anxiety call

07909 992635 / 01403 267276 for your free telephone consultation

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stop anxiety





Weight Loss …Enough of the What If’s … Make the Choice… LOSE WEIGHT !!

Weight Loss by decision with your mind

It’s the end of yet another year and the time when people look to make resolutions and changes …. a New Year, A New You!! weight loss offer horsham, crawley, west sussex How many times have you had good intentions to lose weight and become healthier, but then to find yourself slip back into old habits and routines ? And then … the feelings of hopelessness and low self-esteem follow. Think about this .. you make multiple decisions every moment of the day, some of which seem so easy within your mind that sometimes you do not seem to register them. Everything from what you are going to wear when you get up to what time you decide to go to bed. These decisions may have some thoughts attached to them, for example, I had better wear a jumper as it may get cold later or I should go to bed earlier this evening as I need to travel to a meeting early in the morning. These thoughts support the decision to be made and strengthen the choice …. so why can the decision to lose weight be so hard ? First of all think about how the statements ‘Weight Loss’ or ‘Lose Weight’ may be interpreted within your mind. Both statements infer losing something which could naturally put you in defence mode. Additionally, if weight loss is something you have attempted before and had difficulty or struggle with, your mind may think this is the natural response as those memories are stored in relation to losing weight.

So What Can I Do To Lose Weight?

1. Make The Decision to become slimmer and healthier

2. Create new thoughts and behavioural patterns that will support this decision positively

3. Support this decision on a conscious and subconscious level

free from anxiety horsham, crawley, west sussex







How Can I Lose Weight With My Mind?

Over the years your mind has created and stored many beliefs and responses that can lie within your subconscious mind. For example, it may believe that food is a great comforter, is good to deal with stress, stops you from being bored, so when you try and lose weight it becomes hard as the mind is in conflict when these situations occur. Additionally, diets are seen as processes to follow which have an end to them, whereas, losing weight should be a lifestyle choice that continues.

The ‘Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Program’ incorporates NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming),CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Hypnotherapy to work on both a conscious and subconscious basis. This enables you to understand that a choice you make can be made in a positive way and allow you to change routed incorrect beliefs to new ones which are encouraging and more truthful.

You also have the ability to use techniques on a conscious basis which support your decisions, new ways of using your mind to your benefit…an armoury against your old negative beliefs and behaviours!!

A program of 5 personal sessions for £275 only. Change the way you feel about food on an on going basis, not just short term like dieting!!

Imagine being able to use your mind in a way which can support your desires… WE ALL WANT HAPPINESS!!

So make a choice …. Do you want to be happier????hypnotherapy to change horsham west sussex

For more information on the ‘Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Program’ £275 for 5 sessions please click here

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Anxiety – Ditch The Myth

Ditch The Myth (Anxiety is a part of you)

How many times do I hear a client say they think or have been told that they have an anxious personality that is part of them and probably always will be?

Too many to mention!!!!! anxiety horsham, crawley, west sussex

But ask yourself these questions

“Were you born anxious?”


“Could you have learnt to be anxious?”

We learn an abundance of information and behaviours over time and the more we believe and enact the behaviours, the stronger they become to the point it can feel natural within us. The more you do something it becomes habitual and consciously you may not even be aware.

Now this can happen in good and bad ways.

Think about when you were young and you had to learn how to walk………anxiety learnt horsham, crawley, west sussex

…… do you even have to think about how to walk now? NO it’s a completely subconscious response for you.

Negative behaviours can also develop to become subconscious reactions and subsequently the feelings that attach themselves too.

I feel the Anxiety growing in me

I want you to imagine that an event happens that makes you feel uncomfortable and questioning such as walking down the road and waving to a friend who is passing by on the other side and they just carry on walking with no response. Now imagine the anxious questions that could be floating through your mind because of this “What have I done wrong?”, “Why are they ignoring me?” and so forth.

Because of these anxious questions you can then develop anxious feelings (stomach uneasy, heart rate increasing, etc.)

Now imagine that the very next day you walk along the same road and start to wonder if you will see that friend again and will they ignore you again. Immediately, you are giving attention to this thought and increasing its’ strength along with the attached negative feelings as well. The pattern can then continue and continue until it becomes an underlying belief inside of you causing an underlying anxiety.

How can I be free of Anxiety

free from anxiety horsham, crawley, west sussexHypnotherapy can make the changes you desire. By understanding on a conscious level the inconclusiveness of the belief i.e. the friend walking down the road probably didn’t even see you as they were immersed in their own troubles and feelings and then developing new thought behaviours on a subconscious level to substantiate rationale and look for proof of the beliefs.

Imagine being able to look at life in a different way, a more positive and upbeat way, a way in which the good things in life outshine the negatives …. then imagine how that would make you feel !!!!

Anxiety needn’t be a part of you because you can learn how to lose it ….. CHANGE TODAY !!!!!!!

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Weight Loss – The Power of the Mind

Weight Loss – The Power of the Mind

As you proceed into the New Year, have you found your best intentions to lose weight starting to slip?

weight loss in horsham, crawley and west sussex

Our motivation to succeed can be subjected to many distractions such as stress, a lack of confidence, feeling low or depressed, or feeling anxious to name a few. When we then focus upon areas and feelings  in our lives that have in the past supported the need to eat more we can then fall back into the trap of feeling food will provide comfort or support.

When you assess when and why you over eat you can become more aware of how you are eating  – the more knowledge, the more power!!!

food and stress horsham, crawley and west sussex

When we create habits we create links within our minds. These links can become stronger and stronger over time. For example, if you have eaten unhealthily or more food in the past when you have felt stressed, your mind can then begin to access this link when you first start to feel stressed as being the appropriate method for dealing with the stress. This then becomes more and more frequent that you do not even realise you are doing it until hind sight kicks in !!


stress and food horsham, crawley and west sussex

So how can we change these thought patterns that can so easily become subconscious?

The use of Hypnotherapy can have a positive and influential process within the thought process of the mind, by suggesting the mind encourages new ways of dealing with situations.

How often do we hear that someone eats when they feel low as it gives them feelings of comfort, to then later on feeling even lower as they realise that the extra food will cause weight gain, which will make them feel lower still?

What if the mind created a new response to feeling low, for example, focusing on something that would make the feel better in a positive way such as taking a short walk to enhance their physical senses and create a natural feeling of uplift – would that not then be a happier and healthier alternative?

PAUSE TO THINK – If our minds have already created habits, why can’t they create new ones?

To learn how you can create a new way of thinking that encourages weight loss and a healthier overall thought process, contact AbsoluteU Clinical Hypnotherapy for your complementary phone consultation. free hypnotherapy phone consultation

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Hypnotherapy For Change

feel happy hypnotherapy horsham west sussexHypnotherapy For Change 

A New Year, a New You !!!

But how do I make it happen? I hear you say – well let’s take a look at Hypnotherapy and how your magnificent mind can work together to make the change.


Hypnotherapy For Change – How often do you make those New Year resolutions with good intention to later on feel dejected and miserable because you feel you’ve failed?

This may be subject to many reasons of which many common ones are:

– If I give in I can make it up later

– It was because I was in a certain situation

– I feel I have no self-will

– It’s too strong a habit

– I feel like I will be missing something if I stop

– I might replace one habit with another

When we have created a habit or acted in a certain way for so long, it can often feel impossible to change, but I expect you have had the voice within your mind that is trying to reason with you. The voice or feelings that come to you when you know you are acting in an unreasonable way which may also have significant after effects on yourself and others. These feelings and thoughts are part of your subconscious mind which feel the need to change – so now you already know you have the ability to change!!

hypnotherapy to changeYour subconscious mind has the ability to adopt new behaviours and feelings attached to the behaviours you wish to change and you know when you feel good, may I even say HAPPY, the world can become your oyster and you can be who you wish to be.


So whether you feel the need to change a behaviour or feeling, or just to feel different about yourself and your future – contact now 01403 267276 / 07909 992635 (01403 793793 9.30 – 5.30 mon – sat message service) Email – CLICK TO CONTACT

hypnotherapy to change horsham west sussex


Hypnotherapy Special Offers – A NEW YEAR, A NEW YOU !!!!

Hypnotherapy Special Offers in Horsham and West Sussex

In the New Year we can often question where we want to be, how we want to feel and when are we going to achieve what we desire.

So whether you :

want to LOSE WEIGHT – fed up with diets, feeling uncomfortable and unattractive

hypnotherapy to change horsham west sussex

want to OVERCOME ANXIETY – start to feel calm and in control again

desire to BE CONFIDENT – show the world what you are truly capable of

need to LOSE THE PHOBIA – take back control and live your life without that phobia fear

need to manage and OVERCOME STRESS – feel yourself calm and slow down, ready to face the world with confidence

feel CALM IN CHILDBIRTH – enjoy your pregnancy, feel in control through childbirth and enjoy your baby

OR JUST FEEL DIFFERENT !!!!!!! – happy, confident, excited and alive!!!

Hypnotherapy can make a significant change in the way you think and the way you feel which in turn changes the way you react and respond to situations, events and created habits.

You may have tried to change how you feel through willpower, diets or new rituals to no effect – but you have just used your conscious mind, it’s your subconscious mind that holds the power and understanding!!!


Contact AbsoluteU Clinical Hypnotherapy on 01403 267276 / 07909992635 to find out how you can make the change.

                                                                                          View the Hypnotherapy Special Offers special offers hypnotherapy horsham west sussex

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Weight Loss Offer Horsham, West Sussex

weight loss offer horsham, crawley, west sussexWeight Loss Offer – Horsham, West Sussex

Already thinking about weight loss in the New Year or now… take advantage of this great weight loss offer from AbsoluteU Clinical Hypnotherapy in Horsham, West Sussex.

The Weight Loss Offer Programme from AbsoluteU offers 5 one-to-one sessions of Weight Loss Hypnotherapy to help create the change you desire.

Weight Loss Offer Programme – Early Bird Discount

weight loss hypnotherapy offer horsham, crawley, west sussexBook your course now to receive your 25% discount.


CALL: 07909 992635 / 01403 267276


How the Weight Loss Offer Programme can help you

  • Behaviours – Identify and reframe subconscious behaviours and feelings that prevent you from losing weight
  • Portion control – Learn how to decrease your food portions and enhance recognition of body
  •  Water intake – Increase your water intake to release toxins and fat in an easy manner
  •  Exercise – Feel like you want to do more
  •  Food and drink awareness – Recognise the value and substance of the food and drink you consume
  •  Cravings – Be able to identify cravings for their real meaning

For more information on the Weight Loss Offer Programme please click the link below

                                           Weight Loss Offer Programme

Subject to availability, terms and conditions apply. Offer valid until 31.12.14.